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Induction Beams

All NuClimate Induction Beams are equipped with drain pans that meet the International Mechanical Building Code. Unlike traditional sensible only chilled beams, NuClimate Induction Beams can actively manage condensation which allows for increased design capabilities and more flexibility.  Induction beams are frequently compared to fan coil units without any moving parts. Using induction beams with IMBC compliant drain pans allows for reduced system first cost, less mechanical equipment, less expensive DOAS, simplified controls, greater design flexibility, and greater liability control.


Induction Beams provide a lower first cost option when compared to a traditional sensible only chilled beam system.  Since Induction Beams can use much colder water temperatures for cooling a higher BTU/CFM ratio is possible.  Often 50% fewer beams are required to meet the room loads vs CB’s.  Induction Beams enhance the savings and effectiveness of primary air systems. When using Induction Beams, the primary air system, which includes the air handler and the supply and exhaust duct work, can be sized to handle only the required ventilation air. This reduces the size of the equipment and ductwork making it easier to fit into a building space. This also reduces the energy required to supply the ventilation to the building. Induction beams do not require the elaborate controls associated with sensible only Chilled Beam systems.  Also, Induction Beam systems do not require additional piping loops with heat exchangers, mixing valves, booster pumps and condensate sensors to maintain the water temperature above the dew point of the space, which is required in traditional sensible only Chilled Beam systems.

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