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Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams are sensible only terminal devices and do not have the ability to handle latent conditioning in the occupied space.  In Chilled Beam designs the latent load in the space must be handled by the primary air source.  Chilled beam systems offer energy savings for little additional costs over conventional systems.

Traditional (sensible only) chilled beams utilize water with temperatures that are above the dew point of the space, maximizing chiller efficiency becomes possible. Using dedicated chillers that produce water temperatures typically from 56°F to 60°F can increase efficiency dramatically in a building. These elevated water temperatures can also lead to other benefits, such as the option to use water-side economizer or free cooling.  In some moderate climates, electric chillers can even be eliminated and chilled water can be produced directly from a cooling tower with a storage tank.   For heating, the use of condensing boilers that produce lower water temperatures (i.e. 100°F to 120°F) can be used to efficiently and effectively meet the heating load in the space.


ACB 1 & 2-Way Blow

  • Available in 2’x2’, 2’x4’ & 2’x6’
  • EWT as low as 57° for cooling and up to 180° EWT for heating
  • Up to 1 ton of cooling & 2.3 tons of heating
  • Outside Air inlets on sides or ends of units for efficiency of duct design
  • Range: 16 CFM to 205 CFM of O.A. delivered to the space with a single unit
  • Airflow characteristics: Up to 14 ft. throw at 100 fpm
  • Coanda wings for exposed applications
  • Noise levels: NC17-NC28
  • 1 & 2-Way Blow ACB’s have 1 Horizontal Copper Coil
  • Unit has No wiring, no moving parts, no wear parts to replace
  • Delta T’s across cooling coils between 2°F and 8°F

Chilled Beams