A-Series 1 & 2 Way Blow

1 & 2 Way Blow

A Series units are suitable for use in high cooling load applications or where closer temperature control is required.

Although they have a similar aesthetic appearance to traditional chilled beams, these units have the ability to utilize entering water temperature of 42°F for cooling and provide a built-in condensate management system.    

AIB 1 & 2-Way Blow

  • Available in 2’x2’, 2’x4’ & 2’x6’
  • Provides Sensible and Latent Cooling with unit’s coil
  • EWT as low as 42° for cooling and up to 180° EWT for heating
  • Up to 2 tons of cooling & greater than 3.5 tons of heating
  • Outside Air inlets on sides or ends of units for efficiency of duct design
  • Standard code compliant 1 1/2″ deep, internally sloped drain pan with 3/4” FNPT copper connection
  • Range: 15 CFM to 180 CFM of O.A. delivered to the space with a single unit
  • Airflow characteristics: Up to 14 ft. throw at 100 fpm
  • Coanda wings for exposed applications
  • Noise levels: NC17-NC28
  • Drain height as high as 6” above ceiling line for gravity draining
  • ¾” Code Compliant copper FNPT drain connection
  • Single point coil connections
  • Unit has No wiring, no moving parts, no wear parts to replace