Indoor swimming pool applications require a very intensive engineering review in regard to the water and air temperature balances. Accomplishing these precise and customized unit specifications requires an intelligently designed software program, which NuClimate has developed with the “Design Pool Load Estimator.”
NuClimate has developed an extremely sensible approach to determine these very precise pool air and water balance conditions. Our intelligent software program will calculate the unit size that will be required based on ASHRAE outside air conditions for each area of the country. By entering the pool water temperature requirements, pool air temperature requirements, pool length, pool width, and pool height dimensions, a very precise pool room design load can be determined. The NuClimate software package is available thru our factory reps or by direct request from the factory. This design software program has the ability to select units from as small as 1000 CFM up to unit sizes of 55,000 CFM. Modules can be combined in order to meet larger CFM requirements above 30,000 CFM.

*UL 1995-2011 UL STD for safety heating and cooling equipment
BPD = Modulating Bypass (Recirc) Damper
EAD = Modulating Exhaust Air Damper
HC = Heating Coil (Hot Water or Glycol)
HT1 = Outdoor Air Humidity Transmitter
OAD = Modulating Outside Air Damper
OAF = Outside Air Filters
PT1 = Pool Return Pressure Transmitter
RAF = Return Air Filters
RF = Return Fan (Modulating Speed)
SF = Supply Fan (Modulating Speed)
TT1 = Outdoor Air Temperature Transmitter
TT2 = Heat Pipe Leaving Air Temperature Transmitter
TT3 = Unit Mounted Supply Air Temperature Transmitter
V1 = Modulating 3-Way Valve
VFD1,2 = Variable Frequency Drive

Temperature control

At the time of factory testing the manufacturer will set the temperature set point to be 2F above the provided pool water temperature. The temperature set point and the return air temperature TT3 will be used to PI-loop control the 3-way heating coil valve V1. An optional wall mount combination temperature & humidity sensor with warmer & cooler adjustment can be supplied and will replace the unit mounted sensors TT3 and HT2.

Humidity control

At the time of factory testing the manufacturer will set the humidity set point to be 60 %RH. The controls will continually monitor HT2 to PI-loop control OAD and BPD in a face and bypass fashion in order to maintain pool room humidity. As pool room humidity increases more outdoor air will be allowed and less bypass (return) air will be allowed thereby forcing more exhaust air.

Pressure control

Pool rooms must be maintained in a slightly negative pressure in reference to the rest of the building. At the time of factory testing the manufacturer will set the pool room pressure set point to be 0.05 “WC. The unit controls will include a pressure transmitter PT1 mounted in the unit control box and (2) shipped loose wall mount static pressure pickup. Others in the field will need to run one 1¼”0D tube from PT1 (-port) to the pool room and connect it to the provided wall mount static pressure pickup. If the location of the unit control box cannot be used as the reference pressure then others in the field will need to run a second ¼”0D tube from PT1 (+port) to a second wall mount static pressure pickup for the reference pressure. The controls will continually monitor PT1 to PI-loop control EAD and VFD2 in order to maintain pool room pressure set point. As the pool room pressure goes more positive the EAD will be opened and VFD2 speed will be increased.

Supply Fan Control

At the time of factory testing the manufacturer will set VFD1 speed (frequency) adjustment to the max value for the unit size. Others in the field will need to make a one time adjustment to VFD1 frequency at startup to meet the required pool room air changes per hour for the project.

In a continuing effort for improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to make dimensional and or equipment changes as required to improve design.
Submittal packages will include a certified single line dimensioned drawing which can be used to ensure dimensional accuracy of the unit.
Submittal packages will include cut sheets for each major component which will include specific engineering information for each component to be provided with the unit.
Fused disconnect must be provided by others.
The pool unit will bear an equipment label with a short circuit current rating of 22 kAIC. However, if the fused disconnect (provided by others) has fuses (provided by others) rated for 200 kAIC, then the pool unit will maintain a short circuit current Rating of 100 kAIC.

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