Pool Dehumidifier Components


A vertical heat pipe offers an effective and efficient method to exchange and transfer energy from the pools exhaust air to the incoming outside air without any moving parts. Each special heat pipe is designed with optional Heresite or Electrofin coating to protect its parts from corrosion. The vertical heat pipe comes standard with a 5 year warranty.
Each heat pipe assembly is designed with the latest state of the art 304 stainless steel drain pan.
The full access drain pan extends up to 14 inches beyond the exiting side of the vertical heat pipe assembly. This intelligent design allows for ease of cleaning and spray down of the compartment.
Each heat pipe is surrounded by a face and bypass control damper allowing extra energy efficiency when the outside temperatures reach equal conditions between inside pool temperature and outside air temperature. This intelligent design saves electrical fan energy when this condition occurs.
The vertical heat pipe is ARI certified and approved for performance.
Heat Pipe efficiency ranges from 65% to 75% depending on the airflow thru the unit.


High performance corus direct drive plenum fans are the environmentally responsible alternative to conventional fans. Not only are they more efficient, but they offer more flexible ducting arrangements. Corus fans meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and lgCC fan efficiency requirements.
Reduced discharge sound levels
Lower weight
Air volume adjustments are made by the VFD, not by changing a drive kit
No belts or bearings to maintain reduces the maintenance costs
Internal vibration isolation is standard. (Seismic Isolators are optional)


Each pool unit incorporates an industrial level VFD fan controller. One for the supply fan and one for the exhaust fan. Each VFD industrial controller incorporates a digital LED readout display with a touch pad for control of the VFD features. Each drive comes preprogrammed at the correct Hz setting.


Each pool unit is supplied with a stamped UL508A electrical panel designed to the latest UL standards and features available. Each electrical E-box comes standard with an interlocking disconnect switch mounted on the front panel, DDC controller, phase monitor, VFD drives with LED readout, Control transformer, circuit fuses, and a complete CD operation manual placed within the interior door panel.


Temperature Control
Pressure Control
Supply Fan Control


The standard remote interface is a 7 inch touch screen display allowing the user to review and change set points.
Remote touch screen can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the unit using contractors field wiring. Unit displays, temperature, humidity and building negative or positive pressure relationships.

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