The Energy Recovery Pool Dehumidification System for Natatoriums

NuClimate’s Pool Dehumidification System’s innovative design allows customers to enjoy simplicity over complexity, without losing functionality.

NuClimate’s Pool Dehumidification System is simple, cost effective, and durable, which makes it easy for you to use and maintain. NuClimate’s Pool Dehumidification System is designed to provide better indoor air quality for bathers and pool employees while using less energy. It controls the indoor environment in order to control harmful humidity. The increase in air exchange reduces the concentration of airborn chemicals which keeps bathers and employees healthier and helps to reduce corrosion.
NuClimate’s Pool Dehumidification System is the highest in quality and efficiency. It is built to handle the corrosive heavy duty application that an indoor pool presents.

Designed for the corrosive environment of an indoor pool

Available with or without DX cooling

Superior Design Quality & Features


– Lowest Maintenance Cost
– Continuous Fresh Air 24/7
– Premium Indoor Air Quality
– Vertical Heat Pipe
– Energy Recovery with No Moving Parts
– Corrosion Protected Air Exchange Module
– Best in Energy Efficiency
– Long Life Expectancy
– Aluminum Double Wall Construction
– Thermal Break Cabinet Design
– 2″ Thick Foam Core Insulation (R13)
– UL508A Control Panel & DDC Controls
– Direct Drive, Aluminum Airfoil Fan Design
– 100% Purge Capacity for Pool Shocking
– Indoor/Outdoor Construction
– Comfort Control
– Healthy and Comfortable Environment
– Less Weight for Rooftop Construction
– Pool Design Software Available


· Energy recovery heat pipe 55% efficiency at 6 degrees
· 2” thick double wall aluminum panels with thermal break
· Foam core R13 insulation value
· Stucco aluminum exterior finish with aluminum C channel base
· Double wall tight double sealed access doors—8” SP rated
· Standard end connections for indoor design
· Premium efficiency direct drive motors with all aluminum plenum fans internally spring isolated
· 2-Row hot water heating coil with 3-way control valve
· Airfoil aluminum control damper with Belimo actuators
· MERV 8 filtration on outside air and return air
· Single point power input connection
· Fully wired and tested DDC controls by factory


· 12” to 20” high galvanized roof curbs
· Heresite or Electrofin coated heat pipe
· Remote mounted temperature and humidity sensors
· Remote user interface touch pad screen
· 575 Volt 3 phase option (special motor requirements)
· Outdoor 304 stainless steel roof
· Factory packaged condensing boiler (indoor or outdoor design)
· Natural gas heater section up to 20 to 1 turndown
· Steam heating coil including steam control valve
· Electric heating coil SCR controls
· Software graphic interface package for customer PC
· Special filters available dual stage designs
· Field assembled sectional units to meet over road requirements
· DX with hot gas reheat available up to 30 ton packages

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