Controlled Ozone Injection System

Reduces VOC
Near totally eliminates odor. Very effective in removing odor and smoke from cigarette, carpets, paint, cleaning solutions, cooking, human and body odor
Sustains CO2 below 1000 PPM
Operates with Outdoor Air down to 5 Cfm/P, yet in compliance with ASHRAE Demand Load Ventilation
Decolonizes to near total elimination of mold, dust and particulate contaminants from AC ducts. Duct cleaning is not required
If incorporated at design stage, can reduce Cap Ex of HVAC System
Lowers Op Ex of HVAC System substantially by reduced consumption of electricity and water used by HVAC system
Reduction in Op Ex may result in ROI from 1 to 3 years, depending on hours of operation, import duties payable or not, occupancy, initial design Fresh Air Cfm/P, and cost of electricity and water
If factored at early design stage, reduction in Cap Ex of AC system may equal total investment on IAQ System

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