Packaged equipment for the removal of Odor & H2S from mass air exhaust systems

Operates without the use of replacement consumable. Used for odor removal from Kitchen Exhaust Air, WWP/STP Rooms, and Food Processing Plants

Packaged drop-ship equipment. All parts and components factory assembled
Eliminates or minimizes odor from bulk Exhaust Air
No consumables such as carbon or chemical filters or wet scrubbers
Very low operating cost
Minimum installation, maintenance, and labor time
Multiple double sided corona plates, operating in unison, provide adequate quantity of ozone at medium concentration, to provide rapid removal of odor
Ozone cells are driven by fail-safe, fully encapsulated, Cross Ferro Magnetic Transformer. Secondary windings do not damage even if short circuit occurs, or exposed to moisture. Reverts to use upon removal of short circuit
Does not use oxygen. No consumables such as replacement of molecular sieve, or filter cartridges
Does not require air compressor. No deposition of nitrous compounds on corona surface. Periodic replacement of corona cells not required
Powerful cabinet mounted backward curved, plug, non overloading fan assures air movement through ozone generator cells and provide adequate static pressure to inject into exhaust air stream
Use of isolated compartment for ozone generating cells, fan, and electrical compartment minimizes contact of kitchen exhaust air or odorous air, and ozonized air
Built-in relay ensures no kitchen exhaust or treated air is present in the generator compartment during start or operation of the corona cells. Assures full safety
Option; Control Panel with odor/VOC Monitor (or H2S Monitor for WWP/STP), DLC Controller, and Ozone Monitor for automatic modulation. Delivers 0 – 10 VDC for BMS interface. Option for remote monitoring of odor (VOC) or H2S and residual ozone level through web based internet protocol
All individual parts and components are UL listed
With field mounted fire damper,
OdoTron is in compliance to NEPA 96 (For Kitchen Applications)
OdoTron listed to UL 1995 (Hood and Duct Accessories)
All ozone wetted parts are Stainless Steel. Cabinet 18 G CRS Powder Coated
CE Certified

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