• Packaged drop ship equipment. All Parts, Components and wiring, factory assembled.
  • Site provided materials are minimum; interconnect ducts, Reaction/Contact Chamber, and field wiring.
  • Ready to start with minimum preparation time and labor.
  • Does not require consumable such as carbon or chemical filter or wet scrubber
  • Maintenance labor, time and parts are very low.
  • Multiple, Double Sided Corona Plates, operating in unison, provide adequate quantity of ozone at medium concentration, to provide rapid removal of odor and H2S.
  • No deposition of Nitrous Compounds on Corona Cells. Periodic replacement of Corona Cells – Not required.
  • Does not use oxygen. No consumables such as replacement of molecular sieve, or filter cartridges.
  • Does not require air compressor. Eliminates high operating and maintenance costs.
  • Option; Control Panel with H2S Monitor, DLC Controller, and Ozone Monitor for automatic modulation.  Delivers 0 – 10 VDC for BMS interface.
  • Deliverables: H2S at 4 Ft (1.2 M) from point of exhaust is ≤ 1 PPM. Measured at Fence Line 20 Ft (6M) is less than 0.5 PPM.
  • Powerful cabinet mounted centrifugal fan assures effective displacement of free board air (air over sludge/liquid) with adequate air changes to NFPA 820 Standards if specified. Extracts all H2S and odor producing compounds rapidly. No H2S /odor producing compounds escape into plant room. Keeps plant room free of odor.
  • All parts of fan, impeller, and casing are of Food Grade, Polypropylene. Shaft is Stainless Steel. Robust to handle corrosive H2S gas. Meets highest industry standards. Motor is outside vent air stream.
  • Ozone Cells driven by failsafe, fully encapsulated, Cross Ferro Magnetic Transformer. Secondary Windings do not damage even if short circuit occurs, or exposed to moisture. Reverts to normal operation upon removal of short circuit.
  • Built-in relay ensures no vent air from STP or Lift Wells is present in the generator compartment during start or operation of the corona cells. Assures full safety.
  • Eliminates large fans and ducts in STP plant room. Saves on Capital and Operating Cost and space.
  • Use of isolated compartment for Ozone Generating Cells, Fan, and Electrical Parts, minimizes contact of H2S laden air.
  • Explosion Proof Motor for Fan available as optional item.
  • Compliant to NFPA 820 regulations.
  • 18 G all Stainless Steel Enclosure.
  • All Parts & Components are UL Listesd or UL Recognized.


OdoNash Schematic Diagram



  1. Material of construction of all parts shall be Stainless Steel.
  2. Shall comprise individual compartments for Ozone Generator, Fan, Electrical / Instrumentation Components., and Sewer Vent Air Extraction Fan.
  3. Ozone Generator Compartment shall comprise set of multi plate, double sided corona discharge plates operating at high voltage, to produce adequate quantity of ozone at medium concentration.
  4. The system shall not require any replacement consumable except air filter, and maintenance shall be minimum subject to timely replacement of intake air filter to the unit.
  5. Feed air shall be plant room air. Use of annular tube type corona with compressed air as feed gas is not permissible, so as to prevent deposition of nitrogen oxides on the corona surface. To minimize maintenance cost, labor and time, and operational consumable, use of oxygen feed system is not permissible.
  6. The ozone generating corona and ozone wetted parts shall be confined in a fully welded stainless steel enclosure to prevent ozone leaks. It shall be provided with openable glass or plexi glass panel for inspection of corona plates while the equipment is in operation. The outer enclosure of the equipment shall be provided with lockable doors to provide easy access to the glass inspection panel.
  7. The corona chamber shall not have any trace of exhaust air while it starts and operates. Necessary ROHS compliant and UL listed electrical relay shall be provided to ensure this safety feature.
  8. The electrical compartment shall be isolated from all other compartments, and rated to NEMA 4X (IP 66).
  9. The transformer shall be electrical induction type, UL listed. It shall not damage, burn, or elevate in temperature even if short circuit occurs. Shall revert to normal operation upon removal of short circuit. The transformer shall be fully encapsulated and housed in metallic enclosure for safety against moisture and water impregnation.
  10. Passage of high voltage conductors across metallic enclosure shall be through UL listed liquid tight connectors.
  11. High voltage cable shall be silicon insulated, ozone and corona resistant, rated for 20 KV, and UL listed with UL flame test rating.
  12. Following accessories shall be provided in the electrical compartment;
    1. UL listed Manual Regulator to modulate production of ozone.
    2. UL listed Hour Meter housed in NEMA 4 enclosure for timely maintenance.
    3. Air Pressure Manometer for measurement of air pressure in fan chamber.
    4. UL listed switches such as DPST Main On/Off Switch, Fan On/Off Switch, Indicating Lamps, and Terminal Block.
  13. Fan chamber shall comprise backward curved non overloading fan driven by thermal protected, UL listed TEFC motor to inject ozonized air into exhaust air stream. External static pressure of the fan shall be rated for injection into airstreams from 0.25″ WG (60 Pa) up to 2″ WG (500 Pa). Air intake shall be through grille with filter track and UL listed MERV 11 filter.
  14. Sewage Vent Air Fan shall be of non-sparking, polypropylene material. Shaft shall be of Stainless Steel. The Motor shall be TEFC and UL listed. The Motor shall be outside the vent air stream.
  15. Following materials may be field provided or factory provided as specified;
    1. Duct from sewer wells to vent air fan, material PVC or Stainless Steel
    2. Vent air discharge duct from fan to contact chamber, material PVC or Stainless Steel
    3. Interconnect duct from ozone generating equipment  to discharge duct from vent air fan, material PVC or Stainless Steel
    4. Contact Chamber to provide adequate contact time, material Stainless Steel or PVC
  16. As Optional Item, Control Panel for automatic control of the system shall be provided if specified. This shall comprise;
    1. Control Panel fabricated to NEMA 4X
    2. H2S Monitor Model CZ10 or as specified
    3. DLC Controller Model CZ6-CX for automatic modulation of ozone production
    4. Residual Ozone Monitor Model CZ12 listed to UL 867A
  17. The Equipment shall be of North American manufacture, with parts and components from USA and Canada.


*** Downloadable Brochure and Specifications are available in the Downloads section of our website


CE Certified | UL 1995 Listed and Fire & Smoke Test to UL 2043

Frequently Asked Questions


OdoNash is a packaged solution for the removal of odors and H2S from vent air of odor causing wet wells in sewage treatment plants without allowing vent air to migrate into the plant room. The systems operates without the use of replacement consumables such as carbon or chemical filters. Common usage is for odor removal in sewage and waste water treatment plants, lift wells and headwork stations.


  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Rooms
  • Lift Wells
  • Headwork Stations