Horizontal Soffit Fan Coil

Innovative Fan Coil Products that save energy

variable temperature with vav fan control

Only 9.85″ high fits in tight soffit areas

Available in 2-pipe & 4-pipe

Available in 2 Sizes 400CFM (48″ x 26″ x 9.85″) & 6ooCFM (73″ x 26″ 9.85″)

Horizontal Fan Coil

The innovative design of the NuClimate FCC-345 horizontal soffit fan coil unit runs on 12 volts DC and draws less than 30 watts when operating. The unit incorporates state of the art fan technology and delivery up to 10,000 BTU of cooling at 400 CFM of total airflow. The internal cooling and heating coil is custom designed with the proper fin spacing and tube height to meet the application and reduce coil pressure drop. The special Extruded aluminum heavy duty framing system allows the unit to be mounted in tight spaces without twisting. The units total height is 9.85” which allows this unit to be installed in tight ceiling an soffit spaces.