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GermiTron Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation:

NuClimate is proud to exclusively represent Ruks Engineering products inside the United States.  The Ruks Germitron is the most advanced Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System to assure committed Kill Rate of air borne pathogens in Ventilation Ducts. Ruks GermiTron is the only system that analytically demonstrates kill rate of bacteria in quantifiable units, proven by scientific Selection Graphs. At a Rated Average Lamp Life of 16,000 hours, provides the longest lamp life in the industry. Modern Control and Monitoring System to provide readily visible indications for lamp failure and hours of utilization of lamp life. Optional features with UV Intensity Monitor and Indicator for actual energy delivered. No other system packs these assured operational features and benefits in one. Can be custom designed to deliver project specified Kill Rate.  Scientifically backed Selection Charts available. Ruks GermiTron is the most effective UVGI system in the industry to assure Kill Rate of target bacteria.

GermiTron Air Flow Diagram

  • Micro Biologically Clean Indoor Environment
  • Scientifically Proven Selection to Deliver Design Kill Rate
  • Standard & Custom Designed Engineered Systems to meet individual needs
  • Design, Manufacture, Project Management, Installation & Commissioning Assistance
  • Suitable for Installation in vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • UVA, UVB, and UVC Styles Available
  • UL Classified & CE Certified
  • Fire and Smoke Tested to UL 2043
  • All Parts & Components are UL Listed or UL Recognized
  • Electronic Ballast: UL 935 (Class P, Type HL, Type 1 Outdoor) UL, CSA
  • Electronic Ballast: Sound Rating A, FCC Part 18 (Class A) for EMI and RFI Non Consumer Limits, ANSI C62.41
  • On/Off Switch: UL 1054
  • Hour Meter
  • Terminal Block Flammability Rateing UL 94 V.0
  • Interconnect Harness: Flammability Rating UL 94 V.0
  • Quick Connect Electrical Coupling: Flammability Rating UL 94 V.0
  • Lamp Holder: Valox Flammability Rating UL 94 V.0
  • Thermal Bond between Glass & Frame: PTFE Non Flammable to UL 94 V.0
  • Circuit Breaker: UL 1077
  • GermiTron Electrical Control Box

CE Certified | UL 1995 Listed and Fire & Smoke Test to UL 2043

Frequently Asked Questions


UV Rays are Electromagnetic Light Rays wavelength shorter than visible light rays, typically 152 to 400 nM (nM is Nano Meter, or 10-9M).

  • UVA: Wavelength 315 to 400 nM. Marginal or no Bactericidal Properties. 
  • UVB: Wavelength 280 to 315 nM. Limited Bactericidal Properties. 
  • UVC: Wavelength 200 to 280 nM. At 253.7 nM has high Bactericidal, Germicidal and Virucide Properties. Adequate dose of UVC at 253.7 nM delivered for adequate time of exposure, destroys virtually all Bacteria & Virus. 
  • Ultra Low Wavelength UV: Below 200 nM, produces uncontrolled and unregulated ozone in air. Should be prevented in occupied space, as level of ozone may exceed permissible levels.

required intensity and exposure time for killing bacteria

  • Intensity of UVC Energy at 253.7 nM and adequate time of exposure of target bacteria are required to ensure destruction of bacteria to desired level. Both Energy Intensity and Time are essential. If one of these is inadequate, Kill Rate of bacteria cannot be assured.  Kill Rate of bacteria is defined in unit µwsec/cm2. This is different for various bacteria, and is defined by Center for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta, GA.

coilotron example

  • The greatest benefit of the GermiTron UVGI System is thas it is custom designed for client defined Kill Rate. See GermiTron UVGI Selection Chart. No other system provides such flexibility. No other system guarantees deliverable energy intensity and Kill Rate in quantifiable units. Kill Rate in the GermiTron System is designed on Energy Intensity at end of the lamp life. This guarantees that the designed Kill Rate is provided throughout the entire life of the lamp.

UVC Energy is spread evenly across the air path. Covers the entire contact duct lengths, upstream and downstream

Typical in-duct UVGI installation
for Germicidal Irradiation using GermiTron

CoiloTron Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation System

Hospital Facilities

Patient Rooms & Other Patient Care Areas

Post Surgery Recovery Wards

Dental Facilities

Short & Long Term Care Facilities


Pharmaceutical & Capsul Filling Plants

Paediatric and Neonatal Wards



Operation Theaters

Food Processing & Food Packaging Plants

Juvenile Facilities

Research Facilities

Residences with Immune Depressed & High Allergy Prone Occupants


  1. 90% Kill Rate of Bacteria and Virus, per pass
  2. Scientifically Proven Design with Computerized Selection to assure delivery of Specified or Target Kill Rate
  3. Software Version of Selection available
  4. Custom Designed to suit airflow and duct size
  5. Rated Average Life of Lamps is 16,000 Hours, longest in the Industry
  6. High Energy output 800 mA Lamps
  7. Lamps installed in frame mounted Quartz Sleeve
  8. Eliminates physical contact with Air Stream, air borne dust, contaminants, and moisture from cooling coil to extend Lamp Life
  9. Mercury spill from broken Lamp is confined to the Quartz Sleeve.  Eliminates the possibility of mercury spill in the duct
  10. Environmentally Friendly
  11. Easy and quick Lamp change, without withdrawal or removal of frame from duct work or access door, or Quartz Sleeve
  12. Lamp does not operate at ultra low wavelength. Prevents Production of Ozone
  13. Indicating lamp to show Lamp failure, without opening access door, or turning off power
  14. Option to show Ballast Failure
  15. Hour Meter to show Lamp change
  16. All wetted parts are Stainless Steel. Suitable for Hospitals and Food Processing facilities
  17. All electrical components factory installed and wired in powder coated CRS Control Module, and remotely mounted
  18. Terminals to connect to AHU Motor Interlock
  19. Electrical cables and Quick Connector, between Control Module and UVGI Frame. Eliminates field wiring
  20. Installs on factory provided Guide Rails and Mounting rails. Eliminates field provided Installation Hardware
  21. Unique design eliminates duct access door
  22. Installation materials, mounting rails, cables between Control Module and Lamp frame, and quick electrical connector, are factory provided
  23. Easy, quick, and cost effective Installation and Maintenance
  24. Electronic Ballast listed to UL 935
  25. Electronic Ballast meets FCC standards for EMI and RFI limits. Safe to use in Hospitals and Health Care facilities
  26. 3 Types of Frames to choose from
  27. Lamps for duct sizes 12” to 60” meets all sizes and budgets
  28. Suitable for new installations and retrofits
  29. Listed to UL 1995
  30. Tested for Fire and Smoke Rating to UL 2043

    *** Downloadable Brochure and Specifications are available in the Resources section of our website