The outside ventilation air is designed to meet the interior ventilation requirements of 10–20 CFM per person in the occupied space thru the chilled beam induction terminals installed within each space.
The outside air temperature is injected and thermally managed and properly filtered with MERV–13 filters or higher and utilizes a heat recovery device (Heat Wheel, Heat Pipe) recovering the energy from the exhaust air stream at efficiencies from 65–85% of the exhaust temperature coming from the exhaust ducts from each individual conditioned space. After leaving the energy recovery device the preconditioned outside air enters the cooling coil (chilled water or DX type) where it is sub cooled and dehumidified to a proper set point condition as requested by the intelligent (DDC) controls connected to the unit.
After post cooling takes place the air leaving the cooling coil is checked for proper temperature by the DDC controller and if needed the heat pipe or hot water or electric heating coil can add additional heat to the post cooled air to meet the set point requirement that the DDC control system is calling for.
This typical discharge air temperature varies between 55–60 degrees at 48–50 grains per pound in the cooling season and in the heating season the temperature can range from 68–72 degrees being delivered to the chilled beam terminals.
This neutral conditioned air then can be introduced thru small ducts to feed overhead chilled beams located within the ceilings of the conditioned spaces. The chilled beams induction units can then condition only the room sensible cooling gain or the room sensible heat loss to the exact needs of the space set point requirements.
This total system approach allows for more energy efficient use of both power to move the conditioned air and more energy efficient use of the input cooling and heating energy that is utilized by the system. The DADS system is designed with ease of installation in mind and comes completely installed with factory packaged controls and accessories to integrate the total system.


• Designed to manage the ventilation air to the proper dryness level and temperature.
• Controlling the outside air ventilation requirements to the chilled beam air terminal system for future intelligent building designs.
• Controls are user friendly and easy to use and understand.
• The DOAS system can be interlaced with all DDC systems currently invented and in use today.

DOAS Nomenclature

DOAS Nomenclature

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