Custom Air Handlers

Custom Air Handling Solutions
For the HVAC Industry


Custom Air Handler Plenum Fans PLENUM FANS
High efficiency plenum fans designed with all aluminum airfoil, fully welded wheels. Fans are manufactured with the latest mechanical robots. Each fan is independently designed with a 2” deflection spring vibration mounting assembly at the factory. Fans are fully run tested including vibration measurements before shipment. Fans are driven via a high efficiency industrial VFD allowing for simple field adjustments. VFDs include a digital display for control of VFD features. Each VFD is factory programmed with all non-standard factory settings recorded and documented.
Custom Air Handler VFD Controller VFD Fan Controller
Each unit incorporates an industrial level VFD fan controller. One for the supply fan and one for the exhaust fan. Each VFD industrial controller incorporates a digital LED readout display with a touch pad for control of the VFD features. Each drive comes preprogrammed at the correct Hz setting.
Custom Air Handler Electrical Features Electrical Features
Electrical features and options include: interlocking disconnect, Standard BACnet DDC controller, phase monitor, VFD drives, control transformer, fuses, etc., and a complete operation manual.
Custom Air Handler Remote Interfaces Remote Interfaces
The standard remote interface is a 7 inch touch screen display allowing the user to review and change set points. Remote touch screen can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the unit using contractors field wiring. Unit displays, temperature, humidity and building negative or positive pressure relationships. DDC control software including graphic packages are available upon request..
Custom Air Handler Heat Pipes Heat Pipes
Vertical or horizontal heat pipes offer an effective and efficient method to exchange and transfer sensible energy between air streams without any moving parts. Each heat pipe can be supplied with optional Heresite or Electrofin coating to protect its parts from corrosion. Heat pipes come with a standard 5 year warranty. Wrap around heat pipes provide pre-cooling and re-heating by being wrapping around a cooling coil and thereby reducing the load required on the cooling coil mechanical system. Heat pipes are provided with drain pans when necessary. Drain pans are of 304 stainless steel, pitched in 3-directions and sized to conform with requirements within ASHRAE Standard 62.1. This intelligent design allows for ease of cleaning and spray down of the compartment. Heat pipes can be provided with bypass dampers, or face and bypass dampers. Heat pipes will be certified in accordance with ARI, or provided from a manufacturer who is a current member of the ARI certification programs.
Custom Air Handler Energy Wheels Energy Wheels
Various wheel types are available, including total energy wheels, sensible energy wheels and heat reactivated dehumidifying wheels. Total energy (sensible and latent) wheels are typically used as a primary energy recovery or energy rejection device in various applications including but not limited to: hospitals, retail facilities, supermarkets, office buildings, clean rooms, industrial suites as well as other applications where energy recovery or energy rejection are required. Total energy wheel's ability to transfer and or reject large amounts of energy can be used to reduce the required heating loads, humidifying loads, and or cooling loads in various applications. Nearly unlimited amounts of CFM can be provided using one or more wheels in parallel. Wheels are available with various types of desiccant including silica gel and molecular sieve. A purge section on wheels can help reduce air cross over. Wheels will be cross flow when possible to optimize heat transfer. Optional pre-heaters can be provided on one side of total energy wheels to ensure frost control while maintaining optimum energy transfer in cold winter months. Wheels will be AHRI certified when possible, or provided by a manufacturer who is a current member of AHRI certification programs. Sensible energy wheels can be provided and are typically used as a primary or secondary means of energy recovery for various applications. Heat reactivated dehumidifying wheels can be provided and are typically used in applications where very low humidity levels are required within controlled spaces or for processes..
Designed and engineered to meet the customers’ specific needs

From engineering and design to fabrication we provide the best in quality and customer satisfaction.  Utilizing intelligent design we deliver consistent energy savings, lower installation costs, and extended equipment life for the building owner.  We offers superior components and cabinet design and combine it with state of the art controls to provide a unique solution for each specific application.  Our advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities ensure our ability to meet the most complex system requirements.  Extremely tight temperature and humidity control, difficult space constraints, matching existing unit dimensions,  and high static pressure requirements are all challenges that we can help you overcome.

Available Options & Features

  • Indoor & Outdoor Units.
  • Single and dual air paths applications.
  • Energy recovery heat pipes, wrap around heat pipes, sensible energy wheels and total energy wheels.
  • 2″ thick double wall panels, with or without thermal break and choice of cladding materials on each panel side including aluminum, stainless steel and galvanneal.
  • 2″ foam core panels of up to R14 insulation value.
  • Structural aluminum C-channel base, with integral crane pick points when required.
  • High pressure access doors with optional viewing windows.
  • ECM direct drive fan motors when possible, or VFD controlled premium efficient direct drive ODP fan motors with life time lubricated bearings.  Other fan motors are available upon request.
  • Multi-row hot water heating coil with 2-way or 3-way Belimo control valves.
  • Airfoil aluminum control damper with Belimo actuators.
  • Single point power input connection.
  • Fully wired and tested DDC controls by factory.
  • Non-insulated, insulated or seismic roof curbs or roof curb adapters available.
  • Remote mounted temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Remote user interface touch pad screen.

  • Single or three phase options available including: 120V, 208-230V, 460V, 575V, etc.
  • Outdoor 304 stainless steel or EPDM roofing options available.
  • Factory packaged condensing boiler (indoor or outdoor design).
  • Natural gas heater options up to 30:1 turndown.
  • Steam heating coil with optional control valve and condensate trap.
  • Electric heating coil with SCR controls.
  • Software graphic interface package for customer PC.
  • Special filters available dual stage designs.
  • MERV 8, 11, 13, 16, HEPA, etc., filtration available.
  • Units sectioned as needed to meet critical space requirements within existing buildings, or for transportation as needed.
  • Remote Condensing Units & Self Contained DX with hot gas reheat.
  • LED lighting inside of component section is available upon request.
  • Humidifiers of various types can be included for field mounting or incorporated into the air handler, such as: electric / steam, gas / steam, direct steam injection, water spray, ultrasonic, etc. Humidifiers can be configured to use city water, deionized water (DI), reverse osmosis water (RO), etc. Humidifiers can be provided with simple on/off control for non-critical applications, or for much finer control for various critical applications with very tight humidity control requirements.

Application Examples

9,000 CFM Make Up Air Unit
For hazardous production material storage
Designed to be hung from an elevated ceiling system
Integrated Cat-walk for service and integration with existing facility
Redundant fans
Backdraft dampers
Hot dipped galvanized construction
High pressure atomizing humidification
1200 Di Water

40,000 CFM Make Up Air Unit
100% Make Up air
5 Stages of filtration
Built in 2 pieces for shipping and installation
Cascade humidifier
Painted Steel—Powder Coated
Outdoor roof top units – Qty = 2

500 Degree Process Cooling Unit
Controlled air environment to allow process to operate in a non-standard air make-up environment.
1% accuracy of environment recipe
Controlled 500 degree environment to +/- 1% temperature and RH
Full mass flow control
Controlled injection of chemical
100% real time PLC control syastem with triple redundancy

Qty = 11—11,000 CFM Make Up Air Unit
100% Make up air
Pharmaceutical warehouse storage
Precise temperature and humidity control
Natural gas fired heat
Self contained DX designed to operate at –40 degree F outdoor ambient conditions
VFD Exhaust & Supply Fans
On board DDC Controls—Factory packaged
Double seal high pressure access doors rate for 8” static pressure
All aluminum thermal break construction

220,000 Total CFM Recirculating Air Handler Units
Rooftop Sensible Cooling Units
Four Units—two at 40,000 CFM, one at 60,000 CFM, and one at 80,000 cfm
For medical device manufacturing—endoscopy tools
Double wall aluminum foam core construction
Matched design if new units to fit existing unit footprint
Single fan—backward curved airfoil plenum fan
Complete integrated DDC control system

15,000 CFM Low Dew Point Desiccant Air Handling Unit
High Temp Desiccant Drying Process Line
Double wall all aluminum construction
Thin film solar collector factory
Thermal break design
High temperature regenerating desiccant wheel
Double seal high pressure access doors rate for 8” static pressure
Onboard DDC control system

3,000 CFM Vertical Air Handler
Vertical AHU for Radon research laboratory
100% All aluminum construction
Aluminum coils, casings, fans and other components
Teflon HEPA filters—non contaminating filtration
No emittance of Radon
Split system DX unit
Integratede DDC control system

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