coilotron installation diagram

Coilotron Installation Diagram

CoILotron Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation:

NuClimate is proud to exclusively represent Ruks Engineering products inside the United States. The Ruks CoiloTron Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System eliminates mold, fungi, and microbes on cooling coils and drain pans in air handling equipment o keep these components clean and looking like new. In addition to improving the heat transfer efficiency of coils up to 20%, Coliotron can help reduce allergy symptoms, SBS, and other indoor air quality related sickness by nearly eliminating endotoxins and pathogens in indoor environments.

  • Easy to install
  • Material of construction – Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Used for elimination of mold, fungi, and bacteria on cooling coil and drain pan of AHU
  • Clean & new looking coil increases heat transfer efficiency, resulting in energy reduction
  • Near 100% elimination of Endotoxin and Pathogens on coil
  • Reduces allergy symptoms, SBS and indoor air related sickness
  • Helps obtain LEED and GBC Merit Points
  • Suitable for new or retrofit applications
  • High intensity twin UVC lamps per fixture
  • High specular, 86 % reflectivity Aluminum surface intensifies UVC rays on cooling coil and drain pan
  • Each lamp housed in individual Quartz Sleeve to GE 214/219 spec. Ensures highest transmission of UVC
  • Quartz Sleeve prevents direct contact of air on lamp surface. Sustains lamp surface temperature constant to optimize continuous high performance of lamps.
  • Quartz Sleeve prevents impregnation of dust and carryover moisture on lamp surface
  • Mercury spill from broken lamp is retained within the Quartz Sleeve. Prevents mercury spill in AHU, increasing environmental safety
  • Flexibility in installation as lamps may be moved in x or y directions, and tilted through 20°, to ensure total coverage of UVC on cooling coils and drain pan
  • Installation mounting rails factory provided
  • All installation material factory provided. No field provided material necessary
  • If more than 1 CoiloTron frame is used per AHU, UL listed daisy loop cable between CoiloTron frames is factory provided
  • Ruks CoiloTron listed to UL 1995 ABQK: Air Conditioning Equipment Accessories, Air Duct Mounted
  • Ruks CoiloTron tested and certified by UL for fire and smoke safety to UL 2043: Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discreet Products and Accessories Installed in Air Handling Spaces
  • CE Certified

CE Certified | UL 1995 Listed and Fire & Smoke Test to UL 2043

Coliotro UVGI

CoiloTron Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation System

Hospital Facilities

Patient Rooms & Other Patient Care Areas

Post Surgery Recovery Wards

Dental Facilities

Short & Long Term Care Facilities


Pharmaceutical & Capsul Filling Plants

Paediatric and Neonatal Wards



Operation Theaters

Food Processing & Food Packaging Plants

Juvenile Facilities

Research Facilities

Residences with Immune Depressed & High Allergy Prone Occupants

CoiloTron Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation System

  1. UVGI system shall provide effective destruction and prevention of growth of bacteria, virus, mold, fungi and microbiological species on the cooling coil. Intensity of UVC rays shall envelope the entire surface area of the cooling coil within the high kill rate zone of the UV glow.
  2. The UVGI frame shall be installed in close proximity to cooling coil so as to provide effective bactericidal ability on the entire surface area of the cooling coil and large part of the drain pan.
  3. Sufficient number of UVGI units shall be provided to cover the entire surface area of the Cooling Coil.
  4. Each UVGI unit or fixture shall contain 2 lamps, to ensure UVC rays penetrate deep into the rows of the Cooling Coil to enable bacteria destruction in the inner rows of the Coil. Units or Fixtures with single lamp is not acceptable due to its limited ability to penetrate into the depth of the Cooling Coil.
  5. The system shall comprise one or more number of individual units or fixtures, all mounted on factory provided metallic frame complete with vertical support channels. The vertical channels shall be telescopic to cover cooling coil of any height. All necessary materials for frame, top and bottom mounting cups, pre drilled vertical telescopic channels, screws, and hardware shall be factory provided.
  6. Each UVGI unit or fixture shall comprise at least two lamps, installed over a properly profiled aluminum reflector. The reflector shall be mirror surface specular reflectivity 86%. The enclosure shall be not less than 0.04 Inch (1 mm) thick Aluminum. Interconnecting cable between the ballast and lamps shall be covered in UL Listed water proof and fire resistant sleeve to prevent exposure to moisture from Cooling Coil. The interconnect cable and protective sleeve shall be UL Listed. Cables and ballasts shall be fully enclosed in metallic case. No cable shall be exposed.
  7. The lamps shall be high output type 425 mA each. Energy output of the lamp measured 3’3″ (1M) from the Lamp shall not be less than 144 µwpercm². The lamps shall be rated for useful lamp life not less than 9,000 hours.
  8. The lamps shall not operate at wave length 180 nM or lower, to ensure no uncontrolled ozone is put out by the lamps.
  9. All electrical connections within the fixture shall be factory ready, ending on terminals. All fixtures within an AHU shall be daisy looped at site. All electrical cables shall be UL Listed. It shall be possible to connect all the UV fixtures within an AHU easily and quickly with minimum labor time, opening the terminal box alone, and without opening the fixtures.
  10. The Ballast shall be electronic type, fully encapsulated, and confirm to the following;
    UL Listed (Class P, Type 1, Outdoor)
    Tested and certified to comply to fire and smoke safety to UL 2043
    Sound Rated A
    Compliance to FCC Part 18 (Class A) for EMI and RFI (non-consumer limits)
    ANSI Standard C62.41
  11. Each lamp shall be housed individually in a quartz sleeve equivalent to GE 214/219 to ensure high rate of transmission of UV intensity. The quartz sleeve shall cover the entire length of the lamp and lamp holders, with annular air gap of 1/8″ (3 mm). The quartz sleeve is essential to ensure multiple beneficial features;
    Prevent carry over moisture from Cooling Coil from contacting lamp surface.
    Prevent dust particles settling on lamp surface
    Ensure lamp surface is maintained at constant temperature and to prevent cooling of lamp surface due to passage of air and moisture over it.
    Contain and hold mercury from spilling into the AHU section and ducts, in the event of breakage of lamp. This is required to ensure compliance to environmental codes.
    Facilitate environmentally safe disposal of broken lamp.
  12. Installation of vertical telescopic support structure in AHU, and mounting of CoiloTron Fixtures to the frame shall be easy and quick using minimum labor hours. All installation materials shall be factory supplied. No material shall be field supplied, except one power input cable for each AHU and inter connect cable between fixtures.
  13. Installation of UV fixtures on vertical telescopic support structures shall allow easy movement of lamp fixtures as needed to cover the entire surface area of Cooling Coil and drain pan with UV radiation.
  14. Final finished UV Fixture shall be Listed or Classified to UL 1995.
  15. Final finished UV Fixture shall be tested and certified by UL to comply with Fire and Smoke Safety to UL 2043.
  16. The Equipment shall be of North American Manufacture, with parts and components from USA and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions


UV Rays are Electromagnetic Light Rays wavelength shorter than visible light rays, typically 152 to 400 nM (nM is Nano Meter, or 10-9M).

  • UVA: Wavelength 315 to 400 nM. Marginal or no Bactericidal Properties. 
  • UVB: Wavelength 280 to 315 nM. Limited Bactericidal Properties. 
  • UVC: Wavelength 200 to 280 nM. At 253.7 nM has high Bactericidal, Germicidal and Virucide Properties. Adequate dose of UVC at 253.7 nM delivered for adequate time of exposure, destroys virtually all Bacteria & Virus. 
  • Ultra Low Wavelength UV: Below 200 nM, produces uncontrolled and unregulated ozone in air. Should be prevented in occupied space, as level of ozone may exceed permissible levels.

required intensity and exposure time for killing bacteria

  • Intensity of UVC Energy at 253.7 nM and adequate time of exposure of target bacteria are required to ensure destruction of bacteria to desired level. Both Energy Intensity and Time are essential. If one of these is inadequate, Kill Rate of bacteria cannot be assured.  Kill Rate of bacteria is defined in unit µwsec/cm2. This is different for various bacteria, and is defined by Center for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta, GA.

coilotron example

  • The greatest benefit of the GermiTron UVGI System is thas it is custom designed for client defined Kill Rate. See CoiloTron UVGI Selection Chart. No other system provides such flexibility. No other system guarantees deliverable energy intensity and Kill Rate in quantifiable units. Kill Rate in the CoiloTron System is designed on Energy Intensity at end of the lamp life. This guarantees that the designed Kill Rate is provided throughout the entire life of the lamp.