With the evolution of higher quality control expectations and regulations, more and more industries are utilizing advanced controlled environment solutions in order to adhere to current good manufacturing practices.

These controlled environments primarily regulate:

Humidity &

secondary conditions including task lighting, sound attenuation, air quality & make-up, and pressure.

We are pleased to offer its Hardwall (HW) & Softwall (SW) controlled environment cleanroom packages for ISO 6, 7 & 8 applications.

• Quality Control & GMP Inspection Rooms
• Machine & Equipment Enclosures
• Sensitive Goods & Equipment Storage
• Industrial Paint Application Rooms
• Packaging & Printing Areas
• Cannibus Cultivation Rooms
• Solar Panel Manufacturing
• Glass Production and Lamination
• Metrology Labs
• Battery Manufacturing
• LED Manufacturing
• Crystal Growing
• Plastic Injection Molding
• Lithography

These industries and more have utilized our Process Isolators to improve product quality, maintain process consistency, and decrease product defect PPM.

Energy Savings

In today’s world, energy efficiency and operating costs are as important as upfront costs in choosing a controlled environment design. Our unparalleled commitment to total quality allows our process isolators to provide 30%-40% energy savings over our competitors. These savings are achieved through a number of design elements beginning with advanced HVAC designs and following through to details like standard LED lights, tighter sealed rooms and advanced controls capabilities. Our in house controls expertise allows us to better control the environment and equipment and are capable of automating down time set-backs, providing automated alerts, connecting to BMS and much more.

Process Isolator Levels

A view of the clean room at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where the Orion capsule is being readied for a 2018 test flight around the moon. Photo taken Sept. 8, 2016.

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