Company Information

Upstate Parts & Supply, Inc. (UPSTATE) was established in 1986 as an air conditioning equipment & parts wholesaler, with its principal sales focus being within Central New York State.  As the business matured in the early 1990’s, UPSTATE elected to build on the experience of its ownership and therefore looked outside of the United States for additional growth. North and Central Africa provided almost immediate sales and from this juncture UPSTATE looked more and more to countries overseas for the sale of its offerings.  At the same time, UPSTATE continued to realize steady growth in Central New York and in other parts of the United States.  To focus on both domestic and overseas growth opportunities, in 1993, Upstate Parts & Supply established NuClimate International Limited (NIL) as a subsidiary of UPSTATE. NIL was given the sole responsibility for all sales outside of the United States. NIL concentrated on exporting of air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration equipment and parts with a primary operating focus on third world hvac markets. UPSTATE, although being the parent of NIL, continued to service domestic USA HVAC markets with air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration equipment and parts.  In 2003, Upstate Parts & Supply established NuClimate Air Quality Systems Inc. as a subsidiary of UPSTATE to serve the indoor air quality market. NuClimate Air Quality Systems (NAQS) manufactures and sells the patented “Q” Terminal and also sells "The Pool System” through a network of independent representatives in the United States.

NuClimate Founders

Edward M. Campagna, President

Edward was introduced to the HVAC industry in 1962 working as a contractor installing commercial and residential HVAC equipment. He joined Carrier Corporation in 1963 in the factory. During his 23 years at Carrier he was a procurement manager for equipment, accessories and parts for overseas production. He managed the international logistical coordination division for all Carrier Licensee’s and wholly owned distributors with parts for production. Also, Edward managed the Allied Products department for outsourcing of all accessories for Carrier’s finished goods. Edward left Carrier Corporation in 1986 to form Upstate Parts & Supply as an air conditioning equipment and parts wholesaler. His 43 plus years of experience in the HVAC industry has been instrumental in managing and directing Upstate Parts & Supply to its current status.

John L. DiMillo

John was active in the HVAC industry for over 40 years. He began his career in 1960 working in the factory for Carrier Corporation. After a four year absence to serve with the United States Air Force (1963-1967), he returned to Carrier as an instrument technician in their Research & Development division. Over the next 19 years at Carrier, John’s achievements propelled him up the corporate ladder. He was appointed Resident Representative for West Africa in 1971 residing in the Canary Islands and England, Director of Consumer Products in 1976, Director of International Service Operations in 1980 and finally Deputy Chairman and C.O.O. of Carrier’s $150MM Middle East Operations in 1982 residing in Bahrain. In 1986 John left Carrier Corporation to become Vice President, General Manager of KeepRite Corporation where he was C.O.O. of U.S.A. Air Conditioning Operations. In 1991 John took an equity position in Upstate Parts & Supply.

James Miller, Vice President Engineering - NuClimate Air Quality Systems Inc.

Jim started his engineering career in 1956 helping to establish the electric heating market for United Illuminating Co. in New Haven Connecticut. In 1967 he went to work for Bristol Instruments as a Digital Instruments Product Engineer where he gave support to a national sales force on application design. In 1970 Jim accepted a job from a mechanical design build firm in Binghamton, NY, and in nine years became Vice President of the successor firm of Lees & Miller. For 17 years Jim designed industrial, commercial, and institutional HVAC systems. Some of his highlights include designing and installing one of the first hot gas reheat systems for humidity control, applying clean room technology to food processing plants to control mold and bacteria, and designing very successful ground source geothermal systems for educational facilities. From 1987-2003 Jim worked as the Senior Mechanical Engineer for several consulting engineering firms with his primary focus being the education market. During these years Jim designed a ground source heat pump system for a large middle school, and applied the states first pool ventilation system using an highly energy efficient system using outdoor air for humidity control with heat recovery. In 2003 Jim developed the total integrated induced ventilation system and patented an overhead induction unit which is the key stone of this system. He joined forces with John DiMillo and Edward Campagna to form NuClimate Air Quality Systems to further develop, market, and manufacture Indoor Air Quality products and their use in commercial applications.

Company News

Engineering Upgrade Announced

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing new versions of its QLS (24" x 48") and Q1/Q1L (24" x 24") 1-way blow Chilled Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011.  This engineering upgrade will allow contractors to easily select left and right hand configurations to meet installtion demands.

Release of 2-Way Blow Induction Beam

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing a 2-way blow Induction Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011. The unit will be available in two sizes 24" x 24" and 48" x 24". It will feature a fully functional drainpan in case latent conditioning is necessary. The unit will be available in 2 and 4 pipe configurations.

NuClimate announces Partnership with Carrier

June 1, 2012 NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc. is please to announce a new exclusive partnership with Carrier Air Conditioning for the OEM supply of its Chilled/Induction Beam line. Carrier's expertise and engineering tools will take this product to the next level! Stay tuned for more and check out our representative map for new representatives around the US and abroad.

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