Process Isolators

Process Isolators

Process Isolator

for Controlled Environments

With the evolution of higher quality control expectations and regulations, more and more industries are utilizing advanced controlled environment solutions in order to adhere to current good manufacturing practices.

These controlled environments primarily regulate:


Cleanliness &


secondary conditions including task lighting, sound attenuation, air quality & make-up, and pressure.

Process Isolator Supporting Structure 


SBB is pleased to offer its Hardwall (HW) & Softwall (SW) controlled environment cleanroom packages for ISO 6, 7 & 8 applications.

Quality Control & GMP Inspection Rooms

Machine & Equipment Enclosures

Sensitive Goods & Equipment Storage

Industrial Paint Application Rooms

Packaging & Printing Areas

Cannibus Cultivation Rooms

Solar Panel Manufacturing

Glass Production and Lamination

Metrology Labs

Battery Manufacturing

LED Manufacturing

Crystal Growing

Plastic Injection Molding


These industries and more have utilized our Process Isolators to improve product quality, maintain process consistency, and decrease product defect PPM.


Process Isolator Photos

Process Isolator Enclosures

This product is manufactured by SBB logo and sold exclusively through NuClimate Representatives


Company News

Engineering Upgrade Announced

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing new versions of its QLS (24" x 48") and Q1/Q1L (24" x 24") 1-way blow Chilled Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011.  This engineering upgrade will allow contractors to easily select left and right hand configurations to meet installtion demands.

Release of 2-Way Blow Induction Beam

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing a 2-way blow Induction Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011. The unit will be available in two sizes 24" x 24" and 48" x 24". It will feature a fully functional drainpan in case latent conditioning is necessary. The unit will be available in 2 and 4 pipe configurations.

NuClimate announces Partnership with Carrier

June 1, 2012 NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc. is please to announce a new exclusive partnership with Carrier Air Conditioning for the OEM supply of its Chilled/Induction Beam line. Carrier's expertise and engineering tools will take this product to the next level! Stay tuned for more and check out our representative map for new representatives around the US and abroad.

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