Process Isolator Thumb

Process Isolators

Process Isolators for Controlled Environments With the evolution of higher quality control expectations and regulations, more and more industries are utilizing advanced…
Custom Air Handling Unit

Custom Air Handlers

Custom Air Handling Solutions For the HVAC Industry Designed and engineered to meet the customers specific needs From engineering and design to fabrication we provide the…
Industrial Control Panel

Industrial Control Panels

Control Panel fabrication offers turnkey solutions with engineering from design concept to completion, testing, PLC, HMI, BMS & PC-based control systems. Our panels can be…


A packaged solution for the removal of odors and H2S from vent air of odor causing wet wells in sewage treatment plants without allowing vent air to migrate into the plant…

IAQ Sensors, Controllers & Monitors

The CZ12 Supervisory Ozone Monitor displays residual ozone, the ControZone CZ6-SC VOC Sensor & Controller offers a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution to track…



Chilled Beam

Offering a full family of Induction & Chilled Beam products that are made in America and are designed for the American market.  All Induction Beams contain building code approved drain pans and are capable of handling both latent and sensible conditioning in the space. readmore-arrow


NU-Valance Unit

Valance heating & cooling units utilize hydronic coils mounted in an architectural enclosure in order to provide heating & cooling for the occupied space.  In standard valance units (Model VAL) the coils operate with natural convection and radiation to provide heating & cooling.  Model VAL-FA  incorporates the use of a 12 volt DC fan to provide greater capacities and better temperature distribution in the space. readmore-arrow


The most energy efficient Pool Dehumidier on the market today.  Perfect for your water park, competitive pool, recreational pool and residential natatorium.  The highest in quality construction and the lowest owning cost.  Available sizes range from 2,000 CFM to 100,000 CFM.readmore-arrow


The NU-1500 High Efficiency HRV Pool Unit is for small pools.  It is a high efficiency energy recovery pool dehumidification system which is field erected on-site.  All of the components fit thru a 36" wide standard door.  It has been designed with the latest state-of-the-art materials.  Each component has been selectively designed to work to enhance the maximum energy performance as required for small indoor natatoriums. readmore-arrow


Combining energy efficiency, quality construction and precise temperature control our DOAS unit is one of the best offered on the market today.  Perfect for applications requiring dedicated outside air and energy recovery.  The highest inquality construction. Available sizes range from 2,000 CFM to 20,000 CFM. readmore-arrow


Combining energy efficiency, quality construction and precise temperature control our Custom Air Handlers are one of the best offered on the market today.  Perfect for applications requiring dedicated outside air and energy recovery.  The highest in quality construction. readmore-arrow





Handling your residential, light commercial, commercial and industrial equipment applications.  Offering Carrier, Bryant, Payne, RUUD, and Rheem. readmore-arrow



Distributor/Wholesaler of service parts for most major brands of HVAC equipment.  Specializing in Carrier, Bryant, Payne, RUUD, Rheem, York and others.  Click here to see our line card. readmore-arrow


The Series 2000 Ceiling Grid System featuring Gorilla Grid is the strongest most versatile ceiling grid system on the market today. This quick installing patented ceiling grid system is perfect for applications such as Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Medical Device, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Nano-Technology, Architectural Facades, Research Laboratories, Food & Beverage Processing, Hospital/Healthcare, Data Centers, Test Chambers, Dry Rooms, Service Mezzanines, Walkable Ceilings & Floors and so much more.readmore-arrow


Custom self supporting truss isolators for Class 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 (209E) (ISO 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Clean Rooms.  Available options include structural/non-structural plenum deck, prefiltration options, perimeter closure, central station air handler, cell fan filter units, fan filter units, panel grid filters, support features, grid, lighting, and other custom options.  readmore-arrow


Control Panel fabrication offers turnkey solutions with engineering from design concept to completition, testing, PLC, HMI, BMS & PC based control systems.  Our panels can be build-to-print, customer-specified, custom built for OEM's, contract manufacturing, or retrofit/replacements.  UL 508A Panel Shop. readmore-arrow


Packaged equipment for the removal of odor ans H2S from mass exhaust air streams without using replacment consumable.  Deodorization System for Exhaust Air from Kitchen Hood, Food Prossessing Plants, Pharmaceutical Plant, Animal Houses, Garbage Rooms, and Commercial Laundries. UL Listed.readmore-arrow


Packaged equipment for removal of odor and H2S from vent air of odor causing wet wells in Sewage Treatment Plants & Sewage Lift Stations, without allowing vent air to migrate to plant room.  System operates without use of replacement consumable such as carbon or chemical filters.UL Listed. readmore-arrow


Sensors, Controllers and Monitors for sensing and controlling ozone levels, VOC, CO2, and much more.  UL Listed. readmore-arrow



GermiTron is the most advanced Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System to assure committed Kill Rate of air borne pathogens in ventilation ducts.  Features a rated average lamp life of 16,000 hours.  Modern control and monitoring system to provide readily visible indications of lamp failure and usage hours of lamp life.  Optional features are available for UV intensity monitoring and indicator for actual energy delivered. UL Listed.readmore-arrow


CoiloTron is the perfect Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System to assure mold free cooling coils and drain pans in HVAC equipment.  Eliminates of mold, fungi, microbes, endotoxins, and pathogens.  Keeps your coil and drain pan clean and looking like new.  Reduces allergy symptons, SBS, and indoor air related sickness.  Imporves heat transfer efficiency and reduces energy.  UL Listed. readmore-arrow


K Series Ozone Generators for controlled Ozone Injection.  Eliminates unwanted odor such as cigarette smoke, carpets, paint, cleaning solutions, cooking smells, human and body odor to ensure healthier conditions for occupants.  System comes complete with IAQ monitor, Auto DLC VOC controller, Auto VOC sensor controller, and Supervisory Ozone Monitor.  Wide product range to suit every need and budget.  All equipment is UL Listed and CE Certified.readmore-arrow

About NuClimate

Upstate Parts & Supply, Inc. (UPSTATE) was established in 1986 as an air conditioning equipment & parts wholesaler, with its principal sales focus being within Central New York State. As the business matured in the early 1990’s, UPSTATE elected to build on the experience of its ownership and therefore looked outside of the United States for additional growth. North and Central Africa provided almost immediate sales and from this juncture UPSTATE looked more and more to countries overseas for the sale of its offerings. At the same time, UPSTATE continued to realize steady growth in Central New York and in other parts of the United States.

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Company News

Engineering Upgrade Announced

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing new versions of its QLS (24" x 48") and Q1/Q1L (24" x 24") 1-way blow Chilled Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011.  This engineering upgrade will allow contractors to easily select left and right hand configurations to meet installtion demands.

Release of 2-Way Blow Induction Beam

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing a 2-way blow Induction Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011. The unit will be available in two sizes 24" x 24" and 48" x 24". It will feature a fully functional drainpan in case latent conditioning is necessary. The unit will be available in 2 and 4 pipe configurations.

NuClimate announces Partnership with Carrier

June 1, 2012 NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc. is please to announce a new exclusive partnership with Carrier Air Conditioning for the OEM supply of its Chilled/Induction Beam line. Carrier's expertise and engineering tools will take this product to the next level! Stay tuned for more and check out our representative map for new representatives around the US and abroad.

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